Product Engineering Services & Solutions blending Applied Sciences with Technologies


BioAnalytical Technologies offers “Product Engineering Solutions and Services Blending Applied Sciences and with Technologies”. Our expertise honed in three core areas, namely, – Software Development, Embedded Systems and Applied Sciences over the last decade enables us to provide effective, state-of-the-art solutions to customers in our niche markets.

BioAnalytical Technologies (BAT) works with multiple technologies and methodologies in Software Applications Development and Embedded Systems Development. BAT has a strong background in varied scientific disciplines such as life-sciences, analytical sciences and healthcare as well as their respective applications. In addition, our capabilities in specialized techniques such as imaging, algorithm development, data analysis and representation, etc. results in a unique combination that enables us to deliver complex projects to some of the global leaders in the areas of applied sciences.

Software Development

Software Development at BAT encompasses overall SDLC expertise that are required to meet the customers’ business and technological needs. BAT provides the following expertise –

  • Conceptualization of new product design
  • Architecture and Consulting
  • Functional Requirement Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Product testing
  • Integration testing
  • User Experience
  • Product Maintenance and Sustenance
  • Professional Services
  • Regulatory & Standards Requirement Gap Analysis & Fulfillment

BAT has expertise in designing robust application architectures that address customers’ business and technical needs. Architects at BAT work towards providing an apt solution to the customer by considering a range of options like Web-based (MVC, MVP, MVVM), Windows-based, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS) to a designing custom / bespoke system and application designs.

With respect to technology the following diagram provides an overview of the BAT expertise in .Net as well as Java environment –

Java Capability
Presentation Tier JSP, Velocity, AJAX, JSF, JSON, SWT HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS
Business Tier Struts, EJB, Spring MVC
Business Process Management Activiti
Content Management Systems Liferay, Alfresco
Reporting BIRT, Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports
Application Servers Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, weblogic
Persistence JPA, HIBERNATE
Database Systems Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Integration and Communication Services Web Services, JMS, XML, TCP/IP, Protocol Buffer, Java Mail, Java NIO
Development Environment Eclipse, NetBeans
Source Control svn, git
Operating Systems Windows, Unix and Linux variants, Android
.Net Capability
Presentation Tier WPF, MFC, ActiveX, AJAX Windows/ Web Forms, Infragistics, SandDock, Telerik, Formula1 Grid Control AngularJS, JQuery, HTML 5, CSS
Business Tier WCF, ATL COM
Reporting Crystal Reports, RDLC
Tools Infralution, NVIDIA CUDA
Web/ Application Servers IIS
Persistence Entity Framework, ADO.NET
Database Systems Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
Integration and Communication Services WCF, Web Services
Programming Languages C, C++, VC++, C#, VB.NET, VB6, R, Python, Pearl
LINQ, XML, JSON, JavaScript, VBScript
Development Environment/Tools Microsoft Visual Studio Resharper, ANTS, Visual Build Pro, InstallShield, Remote Soft JIRA, Rational SYNERGY, Rational CHANGE
Source Control TFS, VSS, perforce, svn
Operating Systems Windows, Windows CE

With the expertise in the domain / scientific disciplines, BAT can support various compliances within the applied sciences industry. BAT has worked with a huge tool set for different phases of the product development life cycle. Following table provides a snapshot of example compliances and toolset that BAT has worked with.

Compliance ALM & related Tools Design Automation Testing Tools Documentation
21 CFR Part 11
ISO, IEC62304,
IBM Rational
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Projects
Microsoft Visio
Visual Studio
Test Manager
VS Team Test
Test Partner
Quality Center
Rational Robot

Embedded Systems

BAT has a wholly owned subsidiary “Delta Embedded” that provides a range of solutions in Embedded Systems and Mobility. To check the expertise in Embedded Systems and Mobility please check

Applied Sciences

BAT is domain based solution provider. BAT has people who have worked with industries like pharmaceutical, clinical research, analytical instrumentation and their likes. This helps BAT offers a range of expertise in various segments of Life Sciences, Analytical Instrumentation, HealthCare and Engineering.

The subject matter experts in respective areas help define / articulate the requirements for an application, support the team for understanding of domain and compliances, provide the end-user angle thereby providing greater insight in the application functionality. This in turn helps our customers concentrate on the core tasks and work with BAT as their extended arm.

BAT houses a modern Analytical Research and Wet Chemistry lab that is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals from the Analytical and Life Sciences domain. These people have hands on experience on Analytical instruments (LC, MS, GC, and likewise) and have expertise in Method Development and Validation.

Cross-cutting Expertise

BAT has experience in various other specialized techniques can support multiple segments of our markets as well as be an embedded part of the software design. A few of them are listed here –

  • Imaging Processing
  • Image Visualization
  • Image Documentation and Archiving
  • Regulatory Standards like IEC 62304, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.
  • Monitoring, Audit Trails and Event Logs
  • Exception and Error Handling
  • Mathematical and Statistical Algorithm Development
  • Data Validation, Data Representation and Data Analysis
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Security (Authorization and Authentication)
  • Database Design and Optimization
  • Database Administration and Management

Feature of Expertise

Software Development

Embedded Systems and Mobility

Applied Sciences

Cross cutting expertise

Testimonials More

  • “The BAT team are very professional, we have good communication and engagement with the team who are able to demonstrate a strong mix of life science application and software technical knowledge. This balance has delivered value in practice, allowing teams to get up to speed with our projects efficiently, and deliver on commitments without the need for constant supervision.”

    Gary Coulthurst,
    Gary Coulthurst,Software Quality Assurance Brooks Life Science
  • “The partnership with BAT has been a contributing factor in achieving the business goals for Waters MS division. We are pleased with the commitment and dedication exhibited by BAT practitioners and management. BAT has a team with strong domain and software life cycle expertise. BAT can be proud of its vision statement of solutions that make a difference”

    Richard Chapman,
    Richard Chapman,Waters The Sciences of What's Possible.
  • “Shimadzu engaged Bio-Analytical Technologies (BAT) for an important addition across its software products suite. BAT designed and developed the application where we found that they are reliable service provider who treated Shimadzu as a valued customer. BAT delivered the solution with utmost flexibility yet as planned, on schedule which really made a difference to Shimadzu. At Shimadzu we definitely would consider BAT as a long term partner.”

    Ryuji Nishimoto,
    Ryuji Nishimoto,General Manager Research & Development