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The “Analytical” Market spans a huge spectrum of analytical technologies and corresponding instruments within various areas of chemical and physical sciences. It covers a large number of applications within Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry and related areas ranging from classical wet chemistry methods to modern instrument applications.

Since its inception, BAT has been providing wide range of services within this domain. BAT provides the entire range of services from analytical services like method development, validation & sample analysis to product development services like hardware, firmware and software for instruments.

BAT has a well-planned robust infrastructure to support the offering within the Analytical market. The BAT team has experienced professionals from Analytical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and similar industries thereby creating a big knowledge pool of analytical technologies, instruments and corresponding IT and regulatory compliances.

BAT USP are – customers don’t have to spend too much of time explaining what’s required and as a result of BAT’s wide experience with multiple customers BAT offers significant value addition without compromising customer confidentiality.

Analytical Services

BAT team has solid experience in Method development, Method validation and Sample Analysis for the different industrial sectors like Pharma, CRO’s, Health-care, Food Safety etc. BAT laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary instruments like LC MSMS, LC TOFMS, UPLC, HPLC, UV-VIS, PCR, etc. with wet lab. BAT has been providing the end to end solutions from Sample preparation till the Analysis methods. All the laboratory processes are based on the standard industrial guidelines like GLP and US FDA. BAT has the capability to perform the method development activity by Quality by Design(QBD) approach.

Application development and support areas

    • Bio-Analytical Method Development, Validation and Sample analysis
    • Pesticide Analysis for food products
    • Impurity profiling
    • Characterization of the Nutraceuticals
    • STP preparation for the Clinical/ Pathological Market (includes MD/MV)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Herbal Products
  • Exact molecular weight identification
  • Toxicology study by HPLC/ MS technique
  • Protein identification and characterization by MassSpec

Computer System Validation

Computer System validation (CSV) and Excel sheet validation are the areas where BAT has started contributing since year 2007-2008. This is mainly required by the Pharma and healthcare segments. As per the US FDA guidelines, third party CSV is preferred over in-house CSV. The key strength of BAT in performing the CSV is the knowledge of the regulatory requirements and experience in performing the CSV activities. The CSV methodology is broadly divided into two parts i.e. Planning and Execution. Unique strength of BAT in this area is more than a decade of experience in the software development and testing in these regulatory market.

BAT caters to the stand alone systems as well as network base system (Client – Server).

Instrument Software & Hardware

BAT is active in this domain since its yesteryears. BAT has resource pools that can provide the unique combination of the software developers and testers supported by subject matter experts. BAT is catering to the world’s Top Analytical instrument manufacturers for the software and hardware development, verification & validation services like HPLC, UPLC, Mass Spectrometer, Microscopes, Spectro-photometers. BAT also supports the customers for the technical documentation like preparing the help files, user manuals, standard test protocols, release notes etc.

BAT team is experienced in instrument driver development and integration projects. This helps the customers/ end users to seamlessly carry out the complete analysis work flow with increased utilization of the new instruments.


BAT has been providing services and solutions to various LIMS vendors. BAT is engaged on long term basis for a very prominent LIMS catering to new features development, maintenance, instrument driver integration, custom application development, implementation and technology transformation of the product.

BAT supports customers’ customers in integrating different instruments with their LIMS assuring seamless data flow and data integrity adhering to regulatory compliances.

Bespoke Application Development

BAT provides bespoke development services for instrument manufacturers as well as the end users addressing various functional and especially non-functional requirements that determine the quality of the solution. BAT supports customization and integration for applications like ERP, LIMS, E-Lab notebook and bespoke development as per the end user requirements. This customization helps customer develop and deploy an adaptable solution supporting their key business objectives. BAT adds value on account of in depth understanding of laboratory workflows, architectural prowess, robust development processes and rich experience in this niche domain including compliances.


BAT provides the training on the high end instrument as well as on procedural aspects like compliance and validation.

    • Hands on training on LC MSMS
    • Hands on training on HPLC / UPLC
    • Computer system validation
  • Regulatory Aspects of 21 CFR Part 11
  • Basic of Chromatography and mass Spectrometry
  • Training on Bio-analysis and Clinical trial

Success Stories

LIMS Development

LIMS Development

Domain : Laboratory Information Management System
Type : Software Product Development

BAT worked with a leading provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems. BAT supported the customer for development and release of multiple versions of the application. The project scoped the complete SDLC from requirements to sustenance of the application. BAT worked with the customer to develop reusable platform that can support desktop as well as web version. BAT worked as an extended arm of the customer that helped customer concentrate on core tasks as well as helped the customer provide continuous support to their customers globally.

    Reporting for a Leading Analytical Instrument Manufacturer

    Reporting for a Leading Analytical Instrument Manufacturer

    Domain : Analytical Instrumentation
    Type : Software Product Development

    BAT has worked with a leading analytical instrument manufacturing company for developing a complete reporting system from template management to report generation and management. BAT helped customer upgrade the legacy application reporting system with a new solution that scope features like designing custom templates, generating reports for dynamic data, Managing plots and Flexible workflows for review and approvals. BAT provided a distributed solution to the customer that mapped their requirements with innovative software design.

      Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence

      Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence

      Domain : Analytical Instrumentation
      Type : Software Product Development

      BAT has supported an analytical instrument manufacturer transform their laboratory instrument to overcome hardware component obsolesce. BAT developed an Android based system controller and an embedded control system. The new platform enhanced the user Interface and improved the UX. The new system also supported compliance to standards and report generation.


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        Embedded Systems

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        Testimonials More

        • “The BAT team are very professional, we have good communication and engagement with the team who are able to demonstrate a strong mix of life science application and software technical knowledge. This balance has delivered value in practice, allowing teams to get up to speed with our projects efficiently, and deliver on commitments without the need for constant supervision.”

          Gary Coulthurst,
          Gary Coulthurst,Software Quality Assurance Brooks Life Science
        • “The partnership with BAT has been a contributing factor in achieving the business goals for Waters MS division. We are pleased with the commitment and dedication exhibited by BAT practitioners and management. BAT has a team with strong domain and software life cycle expertise. BAT can be proud of its vision statement of solutions that make a difference”

          Richard Chapman,
          Richard Chapman,Waters The Sciences of What's Possible.
        • “Shimadzu engaged Bio-Analytical Technologies (BAT) for an important addition across its software products suite. BAT designed and developed the application where we found that they are reliable service provider who treated Shimadzu as a valued customer. BAT delivered the solution with utmost flexibility yet as planned, on schedule which really made a difference to Shimadzu. At Shimadzu we definitely would consider BAT as a long term partner.”

          Ryuji Nishimoto,
          Ryuji Nishimoto,General Manager Research & Development