Product Engineering Services & Solutions blending Applied Sciences with Technologies

About BAT

BioAnalytical Technologies (BAT) is a Knowledge Based Solutions Provider. BAT offers Product Engineering Services & Solutions by blending Applied Sciences with Technologies.
BAT provides ‘Chip to Cloud’ information technology solutions in the niche areas of Analytical Instrumentation, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Healthcare. We understand these niche businesses, markets and customers also possess expertise in development and validation of software, embedded systems, chemical analysis methods.

From a very well-equipped Off-Shore Development Centre at Pune, India; BAT has successfully delivered software services and embedded systems solutions to the customers in North America, Europe and Asia who are world leaders in their respective industries.

BAT’s customers are the manufacturers and the users of the products which are convergence of applied sciences, engineering and software. That very fact drives the BAT value proposition.

BAT started up as a 2 member team in a small 50 square meter space in a small premises in 2003, to provide software solutions by leveraging the this value proposition.

Today BAT has grown to a 125+ organization, headquartered in Pune, India; has the offices in the UK and USA. Out of these associates, about 15% are domain experts, 25% embedded development professional and the rest are software development professionals.

BAT and its subsidiaries – Bio-Analytical Technologies (UK) Limited, Bio-Analytical Technologies Inc. (USA) and Delta Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Delta) combined together have strong experience in hardware, firmware, software design, development, testing, deployment and field support; covering end to end product lifecycle.

BAT also has its own product – ‘Bio-Clinical’ which caters to the needs of a generic drugs clinical research organizations to manage Bio-Availability & Bio-Equivalence (BABE) studies with virtually 100% paperless operations.

BAT is the only organization in India possessing under one roof, software and embedded development capabilities along with a very well equipped laboratory with own instruments ranging from a pH meters to mass spectrometers with a wet lab.

Our Vision is

We dedicate all our time and energy to make a difference to our customers, investors, associates, families and society at large, thus making B.A.T. the most respected organization.

The BAT Difference

  • We Understand & Appreciate Nuances of Offshore Delivery
  • We help you reduce the Cost of Ownership
  • We help you reduce Time to Market
  • We help you increase Sales and Profitability
  • We help you improve End User Satisfaction
  • We help you improve Serviceability and Scalability
  • We support you for Regulatory Compliance Processes & Documentation
  • We help you deliver Round the Clock
  • We help you reduce and minimize the risk of Skills Attrition
  • We provide with Niche Skills without Long Term Liability
  • We help you Simplify your Work and Concentrate on Your Core Strengths


Bio-Analytical Technologies has a well-planned, robust infrastructure to support software projects in the areas of Analytical Technologies, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Healthcare. Our state-of-the-art software development center in Pune, India, is engaged in large and mission-critical assignments in these domains.

Our Analytical Research Lab and Wet Chemistry Lab has been successfully offering Analytical Services to Indian and International customers. This highly equipped laboratory has high-end instrumentation such as Mass Spectrometers, Gas and Liquid Chromatographs, and other instruments. This facility coupled with domain expertise helps us to provide knowledge based software solutions to our clients.

Our Embedded Technology Lab is well-equipped with the devices and equipment to support in-house design efforts for a wide range of industries viz. biomedical and analytical instruments, energy & power, etc.

Our client-centric approach allows us to offer a working environment that is setup based on the client’s specific project requirements.

With the best software and hardware environments coupled with state-of-the-art communication facilities, the center is fully equipped to work as virtual extensions of the client’s environment, providing constant support and services.


Bio-Analytical Technologies (B.A.T.) is an ISO 9001:2015 software company, accredited by the world’s leading certification body Bureau Veritas Certification on the Quality.

We have processes for design, development and implementation of solutions and manage the deliveries. We realize and deal with the trinity of constraints i.e. time-cost-quality to optimally achieve customer as well as end customer’s objectives.

We identify skilled, experienced practitioners; we select appropriate tools and technologies and we implement right set of processes to improve predictability, efficiency and utilization of resources and practitioners’ time.

To provide consistent quality of service or product to customer, we define, implement and institutionalize the robust processes or adopt customer processes if necessary, in every aspect of our business, function and activity to pursue an integrated approach of balancing people, process, tools and technology.

Our Quality Policy

“We at BAT are committed to deliver business value to our customers through quality services and products using appropriate technology following adaptable, necessary and sufficient processes. Therefore we are committed to continual improvement in individual and organizational capabilities.”

Other Compliances

Wherever required and applicable, we design and develop products in compliance with standards viz. ROHS, 21 CFR Part 11, IEC 62304


About BAT

Our Vision

The BAT difference




Testimonials More

  • “The partnership with BAT has been a contributing factor in achieving the business goals for Waters MS division. We are pleased with the commitment and dedication exhibited by BAT practitioners and management. BAT has a team with strong domain and software life cycle expertise. BAT can be proud of its vision statement of solutions that make a difference”

    Richard Chapman,
    Richard Chapman,Waters The Sciences of What's Possible.
  • “Shimadzu engaged Bio-Analytical Technologies (BAT) for an important addition across its software products suite. BAT designed and developed the application where we found that they are reliable service provider who treated Shimadzu as a valued customer. BAT delivered the solution with utmost flexibility yet as planned, on schedule which really made a difference to Shimadzu. At Shimadzu we definitely would consider BAT as a long term partner.”

    Ryuji Nishimoto,
    Ryuji Nishimoto,General Manager Research & Development
  • “The BAT team are very professional, we have good communication and engagement with the team who are able to demonstrate a strong mix of life science application and software technical knowledge. This balance has delivered value in practice, allowing teams to get up to speed with our projects efficiently, and deliver on commitments without the need for constant supervision.”

    Gary Coulthurst,
    Gary Coulthurst,Software Quality Assurance Brooks Life Science