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Want to advance your career with one of the fastest growing IT Company?
Welcome to Bio-Analytical Technologies® (B.A.T.)!
A dynamic workplace that identifies your potential and gives you immense opportunities to achieve your career goals.
B.A.T. is a place that believes in augmenting your professional capabilities by providing a chance to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that redefine business processes across diverse business domains and technology areas, with global exposure to best business practices.
A leading global player that offers software solutions and services in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Healthcare domain; at B.A.T. you have the advantage of working in a world-class environment, while in a compact set up, giving you visibility, the freedom to contribute, take initiative and make a difference.

 Learning, achieving and collaborating

Why Join Us

Varied Experience @ B.A.T.

At B.A.T. you will be with a growing organization thus ensuring fast paced professional growth. The team is offered opportunities to pursue their goals, both professionally and personally. Their professional fulfillment and work/life balance are issues to which we give priority.

Our employees have the advantage of exposure to a continually growing knowledge pool of diverse areas – Software, Embedded Technology and Domain (Biosciences, Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Life Sciences).
We are process orientated without losing perspective on the importance of creative inputs. We encourage originality and creativity, your ideas are valued and suggestions are welcomed. You can look forward to a dynamic career path in a challenging environment with exposure to international projects and customers.
B.A.T. provides a stimulating and supportive working environment with many intellectual challenges that allow you to sharpen your skill sets and hone your capabilities. The highly experienced senior management team of B.A.T. is always eager to mentor young members by imparting knowledge and sharing their experiences. They also ensure that team members are in synch with the company’s goals and vision.
We have a robust training program – technical (software, embedded technology and domain), managerial and behavioral, conducted by internal and external faculty to ensure continuous overall growth of our team. You will also share in a participative style of managing the company’s business in the real sense.